Stop Clutter From Stealing Your Life

Stop Clutter From Stealing Your Life is like no other book. You will cry with empathy, laugh in identification. It's written by someone who's walked in your shoes (when he could find them). Order autographed copy.

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 Clutterless Recovery Groups Support Meetings

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Clutter recovery may seem like a strong term to some clutterers. Call our Clutterless Recovery Groups meetings support or self-help meetings if you prefer. The only terms we do not use to refer to clutterers are "messies, packrats, clutter-holics or slobs." Others have demeaned us for our cluttering behavior, so it is up to us to put a stop to it. Love yourself. I personally call myself a reformed clutterer. Calling yourself a messie, slob, packrat clutter-holic only diminishes your self-respect, which is probably lower than you would like anyway.

Clutterless Recovery Groups has few meetings. Why? Getting clutterers to take responsibility for starting support meetings is like herding cats. If you truly want to change, support meetings are the solution. But they will not happen until you take personal responsibility for your cluttering and do something about it. But hey, meetings are not for everyone. If what you are doing is working for you, and you get a little from our books, good for you.

We have tried to overcome our cluttering by ourselves and we know how well that's worked. Support meetings with fellow clutterers can help clutterers like us tremendously. Our clutter support meetings give us the chance to express ourselves without shame or blame. We hear how others with the same challenges deal with their cluttering. Most of us exhibit some symptoms of myriad psychological conditions: OCD, ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) or AD/HD -- the medical, diagnosis, which is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, depression, anxiety. A few of us are diagnosed hoarders, but since they comprise less than 1% of the population, most of us are not.

Support meetings help us realize we aren't alone and give us the chance to hear how other clutterers deal with their own cluttering. Yes, we have all dealt with our cluttering on some level,  at some time or another and have come up with some really creative strategies.

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If you don't see a meeting listed for your area, please don't email me asking if there is one. Instead, please start one.